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It's not my Fault

To carry the weight of other's sorrows will not help them at all,

You don't own them and taking this on is bound to make you fall. To listen and care is an amazing step to help that person cope, to take that feeling and make it yours is just a slippery slope. If that emotion is unbearable for them and they throw it on your lap, give it back with love and light, don't take another slap. Through years and years of the same old rant, it starts to stick like glue, your bones ache from the extra weight that does not belong to you. After years and years of dealing with, everything starts to mesh, is it me or do I feel as if I'm out of my own flesh? As I feel through your heart and walk in your skin, I begin to speak and act on your sin. I know I'm in there, I feel me; I close my eye, I see me. I open my eyes and it's all clear, This fear in here it's yours. The shame, the guilt, the layer of filth, the hurt, the scars and sores. Decades have past and I give it all back, what's in here is all mine, so I smile. I ground my feet to the earth; Breath in deep, this bliss is mine for a while!

#selfacceptance #lifestyle

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