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Dear Ego,

You are ever so cute. You get all puffed up when something feels wrong, like a cute little puffer fish. What if there may be a chance that a different perspective exists? I know that at some point in life, you learned all of the information you currently hold from important people in your life. Maybe even from different life experiences. Some of those events may have brought your pain, leaving a much deeper scar - a more substantial emotional charge. Or maybe there was an event that brought such immense joy, you feel nothing could ever replace that moment. Leaving you no room for that chance of pleasure again. But what if you can open your mind just enough to observe the opportunity from a distance. (Don't worry, you can stay far enough that no one will see you peeking over.) One thing will be true of you if you could try. Your heart would be filled enough with love to open up as well. Ego, I know you try to protect the heart, I know you do it so well. I have a secret for you, please to tell anyone I told you. If you let her, she will protect you too. Oh the heart, she is so kind. I promise she will never hurt you. Let her hold you, let her absorb your anger and fatigue. She is so open to transmuting it all. Dear Ego, she is love, and you are too.

Love always, Your Truth

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