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Department Manager - Anger

Ms. F. Anger

Department Manager

Dear Ms. Anger:

HR has summarized your recent job security concerns for me due to our recent corporate Redevelopment Project.

Rest assured, I have zero intention of letting anything happen as you are a very important part of our team. 

I have reviewed your employee file and although there are many warning letters logged, I have come to understand them. It seems I have not been clear enough with everyone’s new roles and I can understand how this may have caused you some confusion. You play a lead role in our security department and it seems I have not given you enough resources to preform your job to the best of your ability. I truly apologize for this and am hoping that you will be able to come to me directly with any other concerns.

I have called a meeting with both Ms. Fear and Ms. Worry. I am letting them know that they are not ever to add to your work load as their role is only analysis. Their reports to you are to remain short and to the point. I understand your recent objections sent to our third-party Ombudsman Office. Ms. Panic has contacted me directly and we have made all appropriate role changes.

As you know, I have our company wide vacation already booked and hope this gives you a chance to rejuvenate.

Seeing as I have been really hard on you lately, I am also giving you a bonus and have increased your vacation time.

I look forward to our further growth and thank you all for the tremendous hard work and dedication that has carried us this far.


Ms. Mind

CEO & Board of Directors Member

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