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Going Off The Deep End!

There was a time when I was convinced, I was the greatest. In fact, I was certain that everyone was the greatest. This was so long ago that I don't even remember it. I was born with this idea, I'm certain I was. Something happened to this connection I had. I'm also thinking that along the way it may have happened to a few more people, not just me. I'm thinking that we are ready for this love revolution that is waiting to erupt.

We adapt under pressure but what happens when the pressure is too much? Everyone has a different threshold but at some point, it wears us down too thin. When you find yourself pacing in your kitchen repeating, I'm losing it, it's time for a restart. Like, I mean hard reboot, shut it down and rebuild. Nothing is worth giving up but knowing when to let go, well, that's something. Clear as mud? Yeah, exactly! I was standing in that hazy cloud for a while. A good long while. Long enough to rest the body and realise that my mind needed a real release. My heart was ready for it and my soul was screaming for it.

Listen to yourself, I mean really listen. Don't listen to what your mind is telling you, ego gets in there too easily. Don't use your ears to listen either. Listen to your higher self, listen with your heart.

All of a sudden, the resistance will dissipate. Can you picture that? Imagine this, you are in a pool, standing comfortably in the shallow end. You want to get to the other side so you begin to run, but wait why are you moving so slowly? Resistance. You try to walk instead. Its's a little better but it's still slow. You give up and just sink into the water, you have let go and begin to feel lighter. You're now floating on your back. Serenity. Calm your mind, gather thoughts, slow your roll and connect to your breath. By this point, you have swum gracefully to the deep end and back with no resistance. Gliding through the water like a fish in the ocean.

​Forever Grateful,

Patricia Vasconcelos Spoiled Soul

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