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If I were to write a letter of forgiveness to myself for something in my past, I'd say...

As I sit down to write this letter, I am filled with a mix of emotions. It's not every day that we get the chance to extend forgiveness to ourselves, to acknowledge the mistakes of our past and to grant ourselves the grace we so readily offer others. Today, I embark on the journey of self-forgiveness, a process that demands introspection, honesty, and a genuine desire for healing.

If I were to write a letter of forgiveness to myself for something in my past, I'd say...

Dear Patricia,

I hope this letter finds you in a moment of quiet reflection, ready to embrace the healing power of forgiveness. There is no need for harsh judgment or self-condemnation; instead, let these words be a balm to the wounds that linger from the past.

Firstly, I want you to understand that you are human. You are fallible, and you are allowed to make mistakes. The actions of the past do not define you; they are merely chapters in the story of your growth and evolution. Whatever transgressions weigh on your conscience, I want you to release them. Allow the burden to lift, and grant yourself the freedom to move forward unburdened.

I forgive you for the times you fell short of your own expectations, for the moments when you let fear or insecurity guide your choices. Remember that growth often emerges from the darkest corners of our experiences, and each misstep has been a lesson, not a life sentence.

I also want to acknowledge the effort you have put into becoming a better person. Your journey towards self-improvement is a testament to your strength and resilience. Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know then, and appreciate the wisdom gained through hardship.

Furthermore, let go of the resentment you may harbour towards yourself. Holding onto self-blame is like carrying a heavy backpack full of rocks; it hinders your progress and exhausts your spirit. Give yourself permission to lay down that burden and walk freely into the future.

As you read these words, understand that you deserve forgiveness as much as anyone else. Be kind to yourself, as you would be to a dear friend facing the same struggles. Embrace the love and compassion you extend to others and direct it inward.

May this letter serve as a testament to your growth, a reminder that you are deserving of forgiveness, and an invitation to live with a lighter heart.

With compassion and understanding,


Forever Grateful,

Patricia Vasconcelos

Spoiled Soul

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