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Memorandum - Brought To My Attention

To: All Department Managers

From: Ms. Mind, CEO & Board of Directors Member

CC: Board of Directors

March 04, 2019.

It has been brought to my attention that there has been a bit of a negative work environment beginning to evolve during our recent Redevelopment Project.

Miss H. Self, Director of Human Resource, has received several complaints and threats of corporate sabotage in the midst of our recent development project.

I have taken it upon myself to meet with several Department Managers to have a better understanding of our team’s concerns.

We have grown from a small proprietorship to a large sophisticated corporation and growing pains are expected. As the head of this company, I would like to hold individual meetings with each department in order to meet the needs of everyone of you. Please keep in mind that I am only one person and although I do have an incredible support team put in place, this will take time and I do ask for some patience.

I acknowledge that our benefits, vacation and overtime plan no longer suit our team members and also needs to be renegotiated. It has been too long since I have given this my full attention. For all of this I sincerely apologize.

I look forward to our further growth and thank you all for the tremendous hard work and dedication that has carried us this far.

As part of my efforts to show my appreciation, I have set up a company wide vacation to Jamaica, I can’t wait to get some personal time with you all.

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