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Pause, readjust, reset and carry forward.

How do I start this without the overheard echo of every other voice on this planet in 2020?

This year is beyond the Facebook photo frame that prays for one disaster at a time. This is a pray for the whole fucking world kind of year.

2020 is a get knocked down and limp your way to the finish line kind of year. A how can this all be happening to me at once type of year. A hold your breath and make it to the surface with every last ounce of hope kind of year. A will this adrenaline get me through sort of year. A what did I do to deserve this kind of year.

Feel it. Sit in the shit and ask, "what is this showing me?" What am I uncovering? How uncomfortable did I have to get to make these types of shifts and changes in my life? How can I flip this mother "ducken" switch?

I needed this year to anchor myself in self-assurance, self-love and self-respect. It tested every one of the tools that I have carefully collected over the years. The theories, rituals and commitments that I have made have been thoroughly picked apart, reformed and perfected.

How could I have honestly accomplished all that without 2020?

Ah, 2020 the steroid of personal development!

I am ready to push a little further, to love a little harder, to forgive a little deeper and to experience life beyond mere existence.

​Forever Grateful,

Patricia Vasconcelos

Spoiled Soul

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