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Rise Again

We are all on this journey together, each soul with its own purpose. You chose your role and you are now playing it out. Sure, you may have taken a soul "career change" but here you are, doing you. If you're reading this blog you have had your moment.

How did it feel to you? Do you remember that moment? Is this your moment? How does it feel? That undoubted feeling of awareness?

Was it like listening to and an old song from years ago but this time you hear every lyric. You hear every instrument. Like you're there, live in concert. You can hear each individual backup singer. You see the emotions on each musician's face. You feel the bass alter your heart beat. The string instruments pull each cord through your veins.

The images begin to flow across the sky. Past experiences start to make some sort of sense. Wait, I knew what I was doing all along? Why did I doubt this connection? So perfect in all of its divine interventions.

It put a smile on my face. Those outrageous moments we all knew we could one day look back and laugh at, that time is here.

Live, learn, correct, laugh & move on. Next time it will be different. Live, love, help, teach, smirk & move on. Next time it will make more sense, I promise.

Next time you will be different because you will be a better version of yourself.

​Forever Grateful,

Patricia Vasconcelos

Spoiled Soul

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