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The Ascension

I hold my breath just a little bit longer.

I feel the energy coalesce throughout my body.

As I ascend to the surface, the sun's rays glimmer all around me.

Slowly, I begin to decompress from the depths of the heaviest, deepest, darkest rock bottom I've ever been in.

The panic has melted into peace. As I take one last look below, there is beauty down there I just didn't see before.


Warm sun, healing light. Such profound wisdom bellows out.

My lips speak the most eloquent words about myself.

With truth and honesty, I see my past for what it was.

Shame doesn't live here anymore.

This temple is strong. I was standing after the hottest wildfire. I have picked up every last piece and put it all back together.

The scrapes, bruises and singed marks are history I dare not erase.

I earned those lessons and the sacred wisdom that accompanied them.

I will be here floating, limbs out like a starfish.

I will be here until I drift to shore and ground my feet in the sand.

I will continue being kind to myself in this chapter.

I ask that you please do the same for me and yourself.

Forever Grateful

Patricia Vasconcelos

Spoiled Soul

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