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Un-train them all - A weekend of Self-care

So here I am, about to boil over. 


Hold it, you’ve been there already, you’ve learned to not let the well run dry. You are the watering can of this flower garden, (aka family) and you need to refill. 

So off I go, find the cheapest Airbnb, pack minimal essentials. (Minus my forgotten runners. Oh well, yoga and grass workouts it is.) Kids are with dad and not a single note was left.

GPS location plugged in and almost 2 hours to freedom. I arrived at a beautiful farmhouse with a long driveway and all of a sudden, I felt relief. I was greeted by 3 lovely dogs. They laid on the grass with me for a good 30 minutes before I decided to get up and unpack. I was alone on the property for a good 3 hours before my host arrived. Right away, I was welcomed and introduced to all the animals. All 3 horses, 2 goats, 1 donkey, 3 dogs, 1 pig, 4 geese, 6 ducks & their 5 ducklings, 1 rooster & 45 hens. I also got introduced to the 2 burial grounds of beloved lost animals. Side note, did you know the grave for a horse needs to be as big as my minivan? Not bringing that up again because we both got teary-eyed. 

I was supposed to come up, surround myself with no one but me but I ended up with all these animals and a super host who I feel I’ve known forever. We talked for hours and it was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time. Ah, finally a woman who has been in my shoes, who speaks my language, who is part of my unspoken tribe. From marriages (yes plural) to children, to negative down talkers and so on. Then she says to me, more women need to be like you! My face lit up. 

They do? (Insert internal self-doubt here) Then the magical unicorn riding fairies come in and sprinkle my brain with heart dust and bang! (Insert self-awareness and confidence here) They do! 

They need to put guilt in the trash can. They need to ignore the judgemental mommy bashers. They need to take time for themselves and refill their watering cans. Otherwise, the garden will wilt and burn from the lack of hydration. It really is that simple.